Leather Hug
Handmade leather belts

Our way: Exceptional quality.
Ethical factories. Radical Transparency.

LeatherHug belts is the fruit of a personal inquisitiveness. Toni Gabarró, the third generation of a family dedicated to the leather craftsmanship for renown brands, wanted to make available the best quality belts to everybody.

That is why all LeatherHug belts products are “Km 0” and have been manufactured in Igualada, a benchmark in the tanning industry with a long tradition of preparing hides for accessories, luxury objects and complements.

At LeatherHug we are experts in selecting and treating leather.

All our belts are handmade, in a completely artisanal and personal manner. Our aim is to offer a high quality product, adapted to each person, providing a warm and unique experience, as if it w