Size Guide

The size of your Leather Hug belt will depend on whether you want to wear it at the waist or hip level. To know the correct size, you can measure a belt that you already have or guide according to the size of trousers or skirts that you usually use.

Size Guide for Leather Hug Belts:

XS | 32-34cm | Largo: 80cm

S | 36-38cm | Largo: 90cm

M | 40-42cm | Largo: 100cm

L | 42-44cm | Largo: 110cm

XL | 46-48cm | Largo: 120cm

XL | 50-52cm | Largo: 130cm

If you prefer, we can do the exact length you need. You only have to indicate the centimeters you want to make your Leather Hug belt and we will manufacture it completely personalized.